16 things to keep in mind when getting an erotic massage

16 things to keep in mind when getting an erotic massage

Getting an erotic massage can be one of the most exciting and riveting experiences of your life. However, there are thing to consider, which can make it work better for both you and your therapist – and consequently, ignoring which could make your rubdown take a turn for the worse. Continue reading to find out what they are!

When your erotic massage is over, don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

An erotic rubdown will get your blood pumping in more ways than one, and this increased blood brings about countless positive changes, which include, for example:

  •   Improved cell growth and organ function
  •   Healthier skin
  •   Improved immunity
  •   Faster toxin disposal

However, your cells will need to stay hydrated as they enter a state of heightened activity, and will also need that water to flush out toxins easier. So get drinking!

Clean yourself thoroughly!

Keep a good hygiene for both your own and your therapist’s sake! An erotic massage is an intimate experience, based on a close touch. And you stinking to high heaven will put your masseuse right off, perhaps even to a degree of her refusing to serve you, which would be a major embarrassment!

You should have a proper bath or shower, brush your teeth and clip your nails at the very least. Some may even suggest shaving off excessive body hair, but that’s optional. Still, it could improve the quality of your rubdown and the therapist would probably appreciate not having to wage through a sea of hair, so it’s up to you, really.

Some light snack before (and after as well) could go a long way

While getting your treatment with a stuffed belly is definitely not recommended, a quick snack about an hour prior to your massage can properly energise you, since your massage can actually get somewhat energetically demanding. Similarly, a light snack after everything is done can relieve some of the (albeit pleasant) tiredness you’re likely to feel.

Be on time

It’s highly disrespectful towards your therapist to rush in 20 minutes later than your scheduled appointment – you’re wasting her time and money. If you come too late, you may even find your appointment to be cancelled, so it’s always better to be there earlier than later. Set aside some extra time in case of any unforeseen circumstances arising! You’ll see that being punctual will get appreciated!

Be vocal about what you want

Your masseuse is a professional, but not a psychic. While she knows how to make people feel good, only you know your own body inside out and know what gives you the most pleasure. So, if you have any special desires as to what you wish to happen, make sure to let her know.

Switch your phone off

This time should belong to you and you only – all else can wait. You don’t need your phone to ring when you’re at the peak of pleasure.  Switch it off. You need to disconnect yourself from time to time. Treat yourself not only to a physical, but to a digital detox as well – both your mind and body will appreciate it!

Tipping is appreciated

While not always necessary, it is always welcome – we’re talking about tipping. If you’ve really enjoyed your massage, feel free to leave some 10-20% from the basic price as an extra!

Don’t strain yourselves – physically or mentally – after your massage!

Immediately jumping back to your work duties, or going to the gym, or basically undergoing any mental or physical strain could significantly water down the aftereffects of your massage. You should spend the rest of your day doing sweet nothing – it has many benefits in an of itself… Perhaps slip into a warm, aromatic bath and prolong your relaxation even further! Dedicate your

These were some tried and tested ways to make your massage really count. Abide by them and you will definitely thank us later!

Why not share your own methods (if you have any) on how to make your massage – whether erotic or not – better? What is the right way to tip under these circumstances, according to you? What do you think is the best way to enhance the aftereffects of your massage? Perhaps a proper dish? Give us your thoughts in the comment section!

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